Do you have food, water, shelter and security ready in case the unimaginable occurs? Are you prepared for natural disasters, failed power grids, or even civil unrest?

American Survivalist Project is life insurance for the living.

It’s a plan B for when disaster strikes. It’s about being prepared for the worst-case scenario and praying you never have to use it. Most importantly, American Survivalist Project is a living, breathing membership community built by its members for its members to preserve their family and their legacy.

When you become a member of the American Survivalist Project community

You can rest assured that if there is ever a declared state of emergency, you can say with confidence that you have a place to go and a plan on how to get there.

Access to Regional Centers

Depending on your commitment level, you’ll have certain access to Regional Centers and all of the common elements that come with them (food, shelter, wildlife, water, protection). Fully habitable Living Quarters are provided by the Regional Center which include amenities such as cots with high quality sleeping bags, stoves, heaters, gas, water, food supply, etc.

Could You Survive?

Take our survival quiz to see where you rank.

Who Is This For?


Who have a plan or who don’t have a plan and are always looking for ways to protect their families


Who are looking for a place to place their knowledge, skills, and attributes toward preserving the American way not only abroad, but here at home


Who understands the need to be prepared for anything and doesn’t have the means to do it alone
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